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We are knowledgeable experts in precision tooling design, engineering, and prototype to production tooling and casting solutions.

Our foundry tooling and casting design engineers provide custom design, tooling, prototyping and production tooling to optimize tooling and casting performance. They’re experts at developing innovative tooling and casting solutions for advanced products with complex geometry and high performance demands.

Our tooling design engineers are forward thinking, knowledgeable experts with the aptitude to discern complex tooling challenges, anticipate potential tooling and production obstacles, and make revisions before products launch. That’s when you get the most value for cost.

We use leading-edge tooling and casting design technologies including the most advanced CAD CAM systems, 3D solid modeling, casting solidification simulations, core blowing simulations and more. You get solid answers to the “what-if” questions early, ensuring your final products meet your quality standards as well as those of your customers—while also providing unsurpassed efficiency, time-to-market, and optimum return on investment.


Leading-edge 3D technologies including CAD CAM systems, 3D solid modeling, casting solidification simulations, core blowing simulations, and more.


  • Casting solidification simulation, gating and riser design, and core blowing design simulation to refine designs before tooling is made.
  • 3D solid tooling design engineered for manufacturability and durability to save tooling dollars.
  • All industry accepted CAD CAM systems, allowing us to work directly with your native CAD. Projects originated anywhere can have tooling built for plants in Asia, Europe, and North America simultaneously, saving time and the cost of engineering projects several times.

  • Core package and core/mold study packages to ensure timely core making, core assembly, and molding processes.
  • Core printing designed for ease of assembly and automation.
  • On-site foundry and tooling engineers to ensure fast, efficient project build, adjustments, and launch time.


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