Tooling Prototypes

Our design and engineering team develops tooling prototypes and prototype castings.

At Anderson Global, our prototyping capabilities include functional beta and gamma level prototyping to evaluate manufacturing processes and casting performance for aluminum, steel, iron, and other metal castings. We also develop production level tooling prototypes to provide short-run, low-volume prototype castings. 


Beta Level Prototypes

Beta level tooling and casting prototyping provides full-featured, functional, to-scale prototypes for evaluation and testing of tooling and casting performance.


Gamma Level Prototypes

Gamma level tooling and casting prototyping provides full-featured, functional, to- scale prototypes with tooling, casting, and process refinements based on Beta Level performance results.


Production Level Prototypes

Production level tooling and casting prototyping provides short-run, low-volume finished tooling and castings for use in real world applications.



  • Evaluate tooling in the development cycle, identify and correct potential flaws, and collect and analyze product test data before launch.
  • Produce and evaluate castings before investing in production tooling.

  • Evaluate and resolve any manufacturing and casting process constraints.
  • Produce quality castings for short-run, low-volume part needs.

  • Cast pre-production parts while ramping up to full production.


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