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Automotive Tooling and Castings

Automotive tooling and casting solutions provide precision tooling solution and castings for quality vehicles like these new SUVs.As a global leader in custom automotive tooling and casting solutions, Anderson Global delivers world-class tooling design, engineering, and prototype to production tooling and casting solutions. We’ve built a reputation for automotive tooling excellence in everything from experiential-based concepts and implementation for casting efficiency solutions to plant expansion, new facility development, and overall plant automation. We offer knowledge-based engineering for automotive facilities, equipment, tooling and casting development, and engineering-based manufacturing for facilities equipment and tooling.

Automotive Tooling Processes

Automotive Tooling, Die and Mold Specialties

Automotive Injection Mold Specialties

  • Automotive Interior Components
  • Automotive Exterior Components
  • Wiring Harness
  • Electrical Components