Premium foundry mold design, engineering, and production

About Anderson Global

We’re a full-service foundry mold design and manufacturing facility that solves complex casting problems. Whether you need a one-stop shop for your whole project or some help getting a design across the finish line, we’ll meet you anywhere in your process.

Our capabilities include:

  • Mold design and manufacturing
  • Process and core blowing simulation
  • Design for manufacture
  • Reverse engineering
  • Laser scanning
  • Preliminary component machining and holding fixtures
  • Tool maintenance

Whatever challenge you’re facing, we can guide you through it.


More than just high-volume automotive molds

As a Michigan-based company, we cut our teeth working with high-volume automotive manufacturers like General Motors.

But we’ve been in business since 1937 and in that time, we’ve grown and expanded to work with nearly everyone — automotive, military, aerospace, agriculture, heavy equipment, even beverage equipment.

ISO certified quality

A mold that functions correctly, lasts for years, and produces superior castings with limited maintenance — that’s what quality means to us and to you. And to prove we’re serious about that, we proudly maintain our ITAR registration and our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015, certified through Intertek. This means you can trust that our facility follows strict United States standards of quality every step of the way.

Our 100,000 square-foot facility has:

  • Seven 5-axis CNC high-speed machining centers
  • Two EDM die sinking systems
  • Ten CNC high-speed machining centers
  • Six CNC vertical machining centers
  • Five CNC horizontal machining centers
  • Four CNC turning centers
  • One CNC cutter grinder
  • 3D scanning and printing capabilities

This equipment combined with our EKK simulation software, CAD systems, and Siemens NX library help our team design and build complex foundry molds that create perfect castings from the first pour.

Our people

Meet the team

From the journeyman patternmakers on the shop floor to the design engineers and front office professionals, Anderson Global brings the best and the brightest together. Over a dozen of our team have been here over 20 years. And we’re proud to have multiple generations of the same family under our roof.

They’ve seen everything and they don’t take shortcuts. You can tell by looking at our work.

Customer service

Quick responses, thorough answers, technical expertise, and cutting-edge collaboration — you can expect all this and more when you partner with Anderson Global. We take the time to understand your application’s requirements and your foundry’s capabilities, so you get the best tooling solution possible.

  1. One point of contact for streamlined communication

    When you work with Anderson Global, you don’t just get a world class foundry mold. You also get a dedicated project manager. This single point of communication keeps your project on time and on budget, while ensuring the perfect mold.

    No more unanswered questions, missed phone calls, or ignored emails – just an advocate with your project’s best interests at heart.

  2. Service doesn’t stop after you pour your first casting

    We aim for everything to go perfectly from your first pour to your last. But mistakes happen, questions pop up, and maintenance is inevitable. Once your mold reaches your foundry, our team stays on standby for service and support.

  3. Built in spare capacity

    What about urgent, unavoidable issues? Or last-minute spec changes?

    There’s almost always open capacity on our shop floor — and that’s intentional. It gives us time and space to quickly take care of routine mold maintenance and adjust to timeline changes or surprise repairs. So you don’t have to deal with project delays, missed deadlines, or extended downtime.

Ready to get started on your new mold?

Reach out to our team for a quote. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with options, pricing, and probably some additional questions about your application.

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