Sand casting patterns

sand casting engine mold

Durable, reliable precision sand and green sand tooling

For large castings, low volume components, prototypes, and simple components, sand casting patterns are the way to go. But their inherent flexibility is a double-edged sword when poorly built molds handicap foundries with defects and blemishes.

We specialize in precision and only build molds with attention to details and design best practices. This way, you can work with an accurate pattern that’s easy to install and maintain.

Precision sand casting patterns reduce scrap and downtime

  • Sand cast pattern
  • Sand cast pattern
  • Sand cast pattern
  • Sand cast pattern
  • Sand cast pattern
  • Green sand casting mold
  • Green sand casting mold
  • Sand mold for combustion engine block

    Prevent casting defects and blemishes with craftsmanship and smart design

    Sand casting patterns need a tight package to form consistent parts. Our journeyman patternmakers bench and polish every one until they’re correct for your application. This prevents sand from sticking to the pattern’s corners or wedges, which can cause blemishes.

    But there are also ways our design engineers can ensure sand won’t stick before we even start building. By increasing the draft to allow the casting to pull more easily or adding a crush groove to the design, you’ll cast more defect-free parts and deal with less scrap.

    Sand casting pattern technical specifications

    Sand casting patterns from Anderson Global assure the highest aluminum-to-sand ratios and lowest scrap rates.

    • For precision sand and green sand, our processes include no bake, blown core, gravity, match plate, and DISAMATIC
    • Sand casting allows for larger, more flexible design

    The total solution for your foundry mold needs

    Whether your needs are complex, simple, or somewhere in between, our expertise ensures you get durable, reliable equipment that creates accurate and consistent parts from the first pour.

    1. A one-stop shop for your whole project

      Design, simulation, casting process, machining, benching, validation — we’ll meet you anywhere in your process. No matter the challenge, we can solve it in our Michigan facility.

    2. Decades of experience

      Our team of design engineers and journeyman patternmakers have delivered hundreds of molds and core boxes across every industry. And their expertise is on call when you need it.

    3. Modern, data-driven designs

      All of our molds and core boxes start in the digital world. Problem-solving in simulations keeps issues out of your foundry and generates accurate data that makes machining, maintenance, and repairs easy.

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