Anderson Global delivers to Big Ten Country

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Throughout the pandemic, supply chain woes have affected everyone. Trucking disruptions and huge cost increases have impacted Anderson Global (AG) and its customers too. Without a delivery fleet of its own, AG relied on other freight carriers to deliver their foundry tooling. Many of these transportation companies continue to struggle with severe labor shortages and increased demand as a result of the global pandemic.

To combat this ongoing trend, Anderson Global made a tactical decision and purchased a Freightliner flatbed truck. They plan to utilize the truck to deliver to their Midwest customers. Mark Heeres, Director of Project Management for Anderson Global, said “We made this investment because we want to be better service providers to our customers. The truck will enable us to deliver and pick up large tools in Big Ten country, while reducing cost and dependency on third party carriers.”

The purchase will also help the company control delivery timing and the quality of care the cargo receives. Anderson Global plans to start offering its freight services to customers in early November.