Cutting-edge engineering solutions

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Products with complex geometry require experienced engineers with the right tools to ensure your products success. 

The parts material (e.g., aluminum, steel) can have a major impact on how the tooling is designed. We use leading-edge software and technology to analyze your part and offer design modifications to ensure your part can be manufactured. In fact, if you would prefer to change materials from ductile iron to aluminum, for example, we can help you with that, too. We also perform a finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure the parts structural integrity has not been compromised.

Anderson Global Engineering Services

  • Scanning and reverse engineering
  • Drawing to 3D Model Conversion
  • Dimensional reviews
  • Design for Manufacturing DFM
  • Conversion of material from ferrous to non-ferrous or other
  • Mold Thermal and Solidification Analysis
  • Mold Flow Simulations
  • Core Box Simulations
  • Gating Simulations
  • CMM and Dimensional Certification of Tooling or Components

Anderson Global Systems

  • NX
  • AutoCAD
  • Geomagic Design X
  • IGES Translators
  • STP Translators

Reverse Engineering

Have an old part that you no longer have blueprints or data for, or need competitive intelligence on a competitor’s part? Our design engineers use laser scanning or touch probe CMM to reverse engineer castings and old tooling to create new 3D solid tooling models or parts for which blueprints or data no longer exists. We can also analyze castings, forged, stamped, or machined parts against a competitor’s part to give you competitive intelligence.  And with our laser scanning abilities, we can scan tooling to check for wear or for 100% validation accuracy.